Ride the free river of Vindelälven

Ride the free river of Vindelälven

Duration: 3 days / Difficulty: Moderate

This is a two-day ride in the high mountains of the spectacular Vindel range, one of Europe’s largest protected nature reserves which covers some terrain where few people staying. We overnight in an old pioneer´s place "Aitelnas viste" - a jewel amongst jewels. Possibility to extend the holiday with several days.

Thursday: Arrivel to Ammarnas in the afternoon; check-in between 3-8 pm. You spend the night in Ammarnas, on Hedebo farm, in one of our cottages. Meals are not included.

Friday: We start 09.30 am towards the old pioneer place, Aitelnas viste, a very old cabin from the 1880s. Horseback riding along the free water of the river Vindel´n. Aitenjas viste lies in the mountain valley, very beautiful under the steep slope of the mountain hillside and along the shore of the river Vindel´n. The fine sandy beaches welcomes you to try a dip in the crystal clear and shimmering green, but cold mountain water. Breakfast (prepare on one's own), lunch & dinner are included in the basic price.
17 km / 3-3½ hours in the saddle.

Saturday: We start in the early morning. The day includes wading on horseback across the river Vindel´n, an exciting experience that, perhaps, makes it tickles in your stomach, we climb up to Stuore Jåppen and maybee try 1 or 2 canters over the expanses. The riding-tour ends in Ammarnas about 5 pm. You spend the night at Hedebo farm. Breakfast and lunch are included in the basic price.
25 km / approx. 5-6 hours in the saddle.

Sunday: Cleaning of the accommodation and departure. Checking out no later then 12 o´clock. Breakfast (prepare on one´s own) is included in the basic price

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