Great horseriding packet

Great horseriding packet

Duration: 5 days / Difficulty: Challenging

Wednesday: Arrival at Ammarnäs, check in between 15-20. Overnight in Ammarnäs, on Hedebo Farm, in a one of our cottages. No meals included.

Thursday: Self-served breakfast in the cottage. At 9:30 am we travel to the village for a visit at the Ammarnäs Visitor Centre, where we are guided around the exhibition between 10-11. After the visit we start with a ride; a short halfday riding-tour. We conclude with riding horses home to Hedebo farm. Woodburning sauna is available at Hedebo farm, for self-catering. You spend the night at Hedeebo farm. Breakfast (prepare on one's own) and sandwich-lunch are included in basic price.
about 8 km riding / 2 hours in the saddle

Friday: Self-served breakfast in the cottage. We meet early for a extra long holeday riding-tour up to the mountain lake Dauta. The ride goes through pine forest, birch forest and up to the bare mountains. Once up on the mountain and especially around lake Dauta the terrain is perfect for a canter. And more perfect for a canter is the lake Dauta beach. Although the beach is not particularly wide, it's a wonderful experience that many appreciated. After 2 stops during the day we will continue on the mountain for a while before we begin our journey from the mountain and back to Ammarnäs. When the ride is completed, it's nice to relax with a wood-fired sauna at Hedebo farm (selv-served). No dinner is included this evening but several restuarants is available in the village or you can choose to make your dinner by our grill. Breakfast and lunch are included in the basic price. You stay the night at Hedebo farm.
30-35 km riding / 7-8 hours in the saddle.

Saturday: Self-served breakfast in the cottage. Prolonged halfday riding-tour on islandic horses. Bath in a woodheated hot tub at Hedebo Farm and a barbeque dinner in a lappish tent in the evening. Breakfast (self-served), sandwich-lunch and barbecue dinner are included. You stay the night at Hedebo Farm. 14-16 km riding / 3-4 hours in the saddle

Sunday: Self-served breakfast in the cottage. Cleaning and departure. Please check out before noon.

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