The Day tour Örnbo/Örnnästet

The Day tour Örnbo/Örnnästet

Duration: 5 hours / Difficulty: Moderate

Choose a little simpler ride; a daytrip to the new settlers place "Örnbo". Forest riding along Lake Gautsträsk up to the old cultural marked mountain area "Örnbo". Örnbo is located high and incredibly beautiful between rock walls and with fantastic views of lake Gautsträsk and the mountains. Here you lived in a roadless country until the 1950s. 

Choose to buy extra "a little detour to a view-point Örnnästet" - before we arrive at Örnbo, we make a detour to Örnnästet for a dizzying view. A new link to this vantage point was made during 2013-2014. We ride / walk close to the steep rock wall so for those with a fear of heights, it feels in the pit of the stomach.

On the way back, if there is time, we stop at "Trollskogen" - during early summer and after heavy rain it is absolutely fabulous in here in this small old-forest and/or sometimes we make a small detour down to the lake Gautsträsk. About 16 km / about 4 hours in the saddle.   

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